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Demotic Solutions provides Soutions with IT & GIS related systems

Demotic Solutions is a total IT & GIS solutions provider that help our clients to create and continuously improve deeply engaging digital experiences that deliver spectacular results. Our multi-talented team is passionate about delivering exceptional service and best-in-class solutions to our customers across the world. Our digital, creative and support solutions can be customised to your exact specifications, whether you’re looking for a complete rebrand, a new mobile app or creative strategy consultancy. If you would like to learn more about what we can do for your organisation, visit our Solutions page.


Increase productivity with best practises.


Develop solutions which fit your business.


Expedite the adopted solutions for you.


After integration we help to run smoothly.


Our Recent Projects

  • GDE Home

    Total web based solution package for GDE Homes. Visit
  • CITOMEC Engineering

    Total web based solution package for CITOMEC Engineering. Visit
  • Spatial Data of central Irrigation Department

    __description__ Visit
  • Spatial data of Ground Water Quality in SP

    __description__ Visit
  • Impact of Sena Dalambuwa in Southern Province

    __description__ Visit
  • Spatial database of SP Irrigation Department

    __description__ Visit
  • GIS based Spatial Database for southern province

    __description__ Visit
  • Irrigation Water Quality in Southern Province

    __description__ Visit

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